Bags: different styles and colours

Bags come in all shapes and sizes. They can be purely functional or more of an eye-catching accessory. Anyhow, we all own at least one bag; either for work (think of the classical briefcase that teachers and business men and -women carry around), for travel (a backpacker can’t live without his or her backpack) of for shopping (the bigger, the better).

Nowadays, bags are even used to make a fashion statement. This already starts with young children that are going to secondary school for the first time. Where older generations had no choice but to go for the classical leather schoolbag, children now can choose between all different kinds of backpacks or shoulder bags of different brands, in different colours, in different styles. You don’t just buy a schoolbag; the schoolbag has to portray who you are. Convenience might not even be the main priority here.

Another trend that is especially prevalent amongst fashionista’s and hipsters today, is the simple white linen or cotton bag. This doesn’t directly sound like a fashionable item and most people might associate these bags with the ones their mothers used to carry their groceries in. However, these bags, or so-called totes, that are appearing more and more on the street scene, or not just plain white but have funny quotes or artsy prints printed on them. Just like the schoolbags, these totes are part of your image. Some people even go so far as to make real statements with their totes; statements against wearing fur or statements against using plastic shopping bags.

Whatever the bag you are carrying with you might be, they all have one thing in common; they carry all our valuables and we would be lost without them!

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