Bags as an investment

Bags nowadays are so much more than just a utensil, especially to women. Bags have become true fashion items and every self-respecting fashion label also offers a broad collection of all kinds of bags; from shoppers to handbags.

For women, owning one single bag is not sufficient. Different occasions ask for different bags. Imagine you would only have a beach bag. How silly would it look if you would take the beach bag with you to a prom, or into the shopping streets, or to work? Just like shoes, you need a different bag for every situation if you don’t want to be blamed for having a lack of taste.

Therefore, it is worth the money and effort to invest in your own private bag collection. If you manage this wisely, you invest in some qualitative and timeless pieces. For instance, no matter how trendy it is right now to have a bag with Aztec print, this will probably be outdated by next year. Spend your money on items that last longer than one year, or even worse, one season.

Also, apart from choosing items that are less sensitive to trends, you would also want to be critical about the material. Given that leather bags are a lot stronger, and therefore last a lot longer than bags made of fabric or synthetic materials, a leather bag will be a good buy.

As a last advice to prevent yourself from getting a bad bargain; make sure you have in mind which items you would want this bag to carry. If you are the kind of person that always wants to bring a water bottle when going out shopping, you need a bag where you can fit in that bottle. If the bag is to small, you will end up not using it, which is a shame.

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