Classic bags

Bags, just like shoes and clothes, are subject to trends. What is totally fashionable and trendy today, might be outdated next year. It seems like you have to buy a new bag with every fashion season. However, some bags never go out of style, or are likely to revive.

A classic bag that will never go outdated, is the Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag. This bag has a characteristic chain that serves as a shoulder strap and a well-known pattern of stitching on the flap. Since not everybody can afford to buy a real Chanel shoulder bag, or is willing to spend so much money on a bag, many manufacturers have come with replicas of this all-time favourite. Some of these replicas are of course better looking than others, especially the ones that are made of genuine leather instead of plastic. You might even find one that is hard to distinguish from the real deal, for a better price.

Unlike the Chanel 2.55, some other models of bags are no all time classics, but do go through a period of revival from time to time. For example, the old-fashioned leather school bag, which was considered to be the number one accessory for geeks just a couple of years ago, has now been embraced by fashionista’s of all ages, for its durability and sturdy look.

What we can learn from this, is that it is a good idea to keep your old bags, for you never know if they might become trendy again in a few years time.

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