The men’s bag is here to stay

Bags are still considered to be a thing for women. Women love bags unconditionally and always find excuses for themselves to buy a new one; to fit with an outfit, to take along on a city trip, or just because it looks pretty. Men, however, have always had the tendency towards putting their keys in the bag of their female counterparts, as to not having to carry a bag of their own, but times are changing.

Men have to face the fact that it is time that they start carrying their own bag. With all the stuff that they have to carry with them nowadays, like tablets, smartphones, phone chargers, and maybe even a laptop, pant pockets are no longer sufficient. It’s no surprise that the business of men’s bags is doing better than ever before. While some man might still be reluctant towards the ‘murse’ (the purse for men), men carrying their own bags is starting to become more common in the street scene each day.

The ideal men’s bag should be practical in the first place, as opposed to most bags that women carry with them. But apart from the practical aspect, the it-bag for men should also be masculine and stylish. The classical leather briefcase is always a winner, radiating class and authority. At the same time, this bag is durable and timeless.

If you are not exactly the business man kind-of-guy, a snazzy backpack might be the ideal bag for you. This model is your perfect companion for carrying heavy stuff like books and laptops. Also, these bags have enough space to store your keys and phone as well, meaning you can keep your pockets free to casually put your hands in and emphasize your masculinity, in case you still need to overcome your fear of men’s bags.

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