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Top 4 it-bags spring 2015

It is that time of the year that you crave all new fresh things. Craving a new wardrobe at spring comes naturally to most women. But with new outfits also comes a new handbag. Here are the four biggest bag trends for spring 2015.

High impact color: Colors and spring go together like pepper and salt. So it is no big surprise that colored bags are a big hit this spring. The big difference this year is that besides the usual pastel colors, high impact and bright colors are very trendy. It is the perfect way to give your neutral outfit a pop and let your bag get all the attention.

Bucket bag: The bucket bag seems like a bag that comes straight of the seventies. Which is no surprise considering the seventies are big inspiration this summer in fashion. Wear the bag with flared yeans and platform shoes. Choose fine leather or suede to give your look a classy vibe.

Ladylike: This is a trend that suits all ages. Your mother and you can wear this trend. The ladylike bag is a classic and goes with any outfit. If you want a modern look choose a bag with a bright color or a trendy print. Because of the timeless factor of the bag you can also invest in a great ladylike designer bag. You will have a bag for life and you can even pass it on to your daughter.

Florals: Another big trend this year in fashion is the floral print. Wheter it is in clothes, jewellery, shoes or bags. That last one is great option to spice up your outfit. With a stand out floral print you give your look an exotic feel. It does not matter if the print has roses, tullips or exotic flowers. Every flower is a great option on a floral print bag.


New trend: the box bag

Where the slouchy hobo bag has dominated the fashion scene, and thereby the street view, for many years, it is now time for a new trend in the world of bags. According to Vogue India, the box bag is the new it-bag of this year. Many great designers, like Versace, Jill Sander en Etro have showcases this new bag style in their latest fashion shows, receiving very positive criticism from fashion bloggers and fashion editors from all over the world.

The box bag comes in different shapes and sizes, giving you the opportunity to find the right piece to complement your look, no matter what the occasion is. To spice up your casual outfit, you could go for an eclectic box bag, like the fun camera leather bag by Proenza Shouler. This will give your basic outfit a fun and fashionable twist.

Do you want to bring some extra flair to your business look? Then there will be a right box bag for your look too. Prada has a beautiful no-nonsense black box bag in their latest collection, but if you want to go for something more feminine and cheerful, you could go for a yellow piece by Victoria Beckham.

Even for a party there is the right box bag to bring that little extra to your look. It is time for the oversized clutch to make way for the smaller and more elegant box bag. They come in all different colours and with graphics and metallic, and therefore there will always be a model that goes very well with your cocktail dress. Charlotte Olympia, for example, has a really stunning piece in her collection with feathers. If that doesn’t bright up any party, then what does?